Republicans urge Trump to avoid fanning flames of GOP civil war and unite party for 2022
‘We are in an oasis of freedom.’ CPAC conference is a Florida-heavy, Trumpian affair
CIA creates task force on ‘Havana syndrome’ amid new scrutiny from Biden team
As the House moves to pass COVID-19 relief, McConnell keeps GOP senators opposed
Biden’s COVID relief bill widely popular among swing voters, Democratic poll finds
Republicans regroup around attacks on Biden administration —including Kamala Harris
House passes protections for LGBTQ Americans. Kansas’ Davids says it’ll ‘save lives’
Miami Republican flips vote on bill to provide protections for LGBTQ people
Trump endorses Jerry Moran — 12 days after vote to acquit him on incitement charge
Pat Roberts joins Washington-based lobbying firm weeks after retirement from Senate
Supreme Court weighs if federal job protections for military apply to states
Congress has a new way to push states to expand Medicaid. Will it work in NC?
‘Billion dollar industry.’ Moran bill enables college athletes to profit off of likeness
GOP says California has too much money. Will it hurt Biden’s COVID stimulus plan?
New DNC chair promises greater midterm election involvement — to Democrats’ relief
Exclusive: Homestead detention center for unaccompanied migrant teens to reopen under Biden
Unmarried couples separated by COVID travel ban seek ‘sweetheart’ exemption from Biden

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Do state and local governments need billions in aid? Biden says yes, GOP still wary

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